Your intellectual property partner –
A concise profile

Our services to clients include securing, defending and enforcing intellectual property rights. We represent them before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German Federal Patent Court and Federal Court of Justice, the European Union Intellectual Propoerty Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As soon as the European Patent Office opened, the founding partners, Dr. Weisert and Dr. Kraus began to represent a number of US and Japanese companies before this important international institution. The first European patent application which Kraus & Weisert filed for a client in the USA is also dated June 1, 1978. It was the 19th patent application received by the EPO.

Today Kraus & Weisert represents and supports clients all over the world with a full range of outstanding patent services for Germany, Europe and for the world market. Providing optimal protection for your intellectual property and helping you to build your patent and trademark portfolio is our motivation and challenge.

Patents are key business assets

“A full range of outstanding patent services: for Germany, Europe and for the world market.”

Protection of inventions

Kraus & Weisert assists its clients in all matters concerning the protection of inventions, especially at the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office.


Qualified services

We provide qualified services not only for Germany – Europe’s single biggest market – but for all the countries and markets of Europe. We serve our clients in obtaining, defending and enforcing their patents.


Your competent partner

We are your experienced partners in every major field of technology. Our patent attorneys and professionals are chemists, biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, physicists and engineers.


Fields of expertise

Biology and biotechnology,
Chemistry and pharmaceutics,
Information technology and software,
Electrical engineering and electronics,
Mechanical engineering and optics,
Start-up companies,  China desk,
Trademarks and designs

Munich is Germany’s high-tech capital and one of the leading business centers in Europe. This city is home to many international companies and important administrative organisations. The European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patents Court are all located here.

These important institutions are within a few minutes of Kraus & Weisert’s offices. This is a genuine advantage, as we think that the best way to communicate when accuracy and speed are decisive is often a personal conversation – and this is equally true of our work with clients.

Munich is the center of patenting in Germany and Europe.

Ever increasing innovative activity is reflected in the rising number of patent applications filed both with the German Patent and Trademark Office as well as the European Patent Office. Around these two Munich institutions, a patenting infrastructure of huge international importance has evolved.

Kraus & Weisert is there for you.

Munich - A business center of inspiring quality.